Jumat, 14 April 2017

Nurul Asikin a Professional Athlete

Nurul a professional athlete.His complete name is nurul asikin. But I used to call her by a kak uu. She comes from the natuna. She is a student majoring in chemistry at the university tanjungpura, which is a senior my own hehehe.I first knew her through exercise volly ball. She is a very professional. For example, she's very good at sports volly ball, indoor soccer, table tennis, badminton and run. Well, that's great.I think she is an amazing, ever since that day I'm starting to feel like, sister of the people who are very interesting. A lot of things I learned from it and now she is been a sister that I really care about.The always take care of me, stay with me when I had a difficult and became a figure of morale in every days I used to be saturated. Not only that she was also a friend of my life, at the moment that I was sad, happy, it is difficult, and happy that she always has. Although we fought a lot to sulk, is often different opinions but that's what we were getting closer.Now I have a sister who has a hobby, basically the same with me is exercising. Even I can't get in every sport, but that's what makes me so determined to have the ability in all sports.For my people that likes to exercise that's cool. That's a lot of benefits derived from exercising, in addition to the body becomes healthy, also feel comforted through exercise. It fits that for you who like confusion, you're more sport just for reduce the population of the alay in indonesian hahahaha.You still on the sister, he was also a loving art. She's very fond of singing, painting and playing music. It made me feel at home so much. A lot of what I want to learn from her. For to meet my duties this week, I interviewed, sister who really have a lot of experience in the field of sports. There are some the question I asked her as follows :

(R) : Since when did when starting to like sports?
(U) : I like sports since I was sitting in the elementary school.
(R) : At the time, what made she older like sports?
(U) : for around the house, friends to play with me is the boy all, and I often play all kinds of sports with them.
(R) : What kind of sport that most older sister likes?
(U) : Futsal, volly ball, badminton.
(R) : at what the sister follow?
(U) : O2SN, FL2SN, KONI junction, POPDA, and celebrations in the community.
(R) : I've had a goal as a coach?
(U) : I had a chance to cross in the mind, to be a coach who can teach back into the sciences are late I can.
(R) : how long older sister is necessary for running the sport?
(U) : no specific time it takes to running the sport depends on talent is having and intensive training course.
(R) : from the tournament who have older sister follow the achievements, what was once my sister achieved?
(U) : the performance I've ever achieved, including 1 volly the district level,including 1 jump far the district level, and including 1 vocal solo the district level.
(R) : I am a sports lover, what older sister give in order to better achievement in the field of sports?
(U) : make the sport as the need for you and as a means to release the fatigue and stress from the task at school.

Maybe just got here all my interviews, good to know the experience in exercising this, we can better manage time sports in the activities of us.Thank you for reading. I hope our interview inspires you.

Jumat, 31 Maret 2017

I can't imagine life without music

Assalamualaikum wr wb, good night my friends. Do you want to listen to my story, the story will be things that became my hobby and the source of my spirit in which the activity in daily life, I want to talk about, "I can't imagine life without".I can't imagine life without music. Music is the tone that is able to calm the hearts and thoughts for someone who really love music and one of them is me. It's like the scale who danced in my ears with her beautiful. For my music has become part of my life.Daily life is always filled with music, I also always accompanied by music. Music can hypnotize my mood, while I'm doing the job just makes me tired, listening to music is one of the most powerful way in eliminating my tired. And when I felt sad, music in return day.I used to find a place with silence with the fill of music is beautiful. The atmosphere is quiet in my loneliness with music that always crossed the border in my ear, at the time I always imagined something really makes me miss, back to the hometown on to meet with people who are friendly, friends who always fill my days.And what I'm gon na miss is a family girl. Dad, mom and my brother is a person who I really care about. And when I'm so tired, tired, and almost to despair, the only one who I'd love to see at that time is to see the smiles of them. A smile is they who wanted me to look.A smile that could calm me down, I realized that I live for them, I want to live into their pride and I just want to live to comfort them. Just as the complaints I lost and rinduku was slightly relieved by music.It's everything to me. With music I can do the activity of my more easily, with the music I can express my mood. This is my story about my hobby in listening to music.Well, my friends all what is love you? Don't forget to tell me too, Assalamualaikum.

Jumat, 17 Maret 2017

My Skill
Assalamualaikum wr wb, good morning. Do you remember with me? Of course it will still remember. You want to know my story. Ha, ha, ha, ha you must have been curious about very much want to know about my activity . Well today's theme is the ability. According to you what skills do I have? You wonder all right, I'm going to start telling you about the capability I have.I am the type of person who really love sports and art. I think art is beautiful. I really appreciate people who have the soul of art. Art is what I'm like, like dance, music and art theater. To me these things do not everyone can do it.While sport is My hobbies. Sports that I feel very strongly about is volly ball. I love the sport since I was sitting in the elementary school. Until now the sport still to be a sport very i like. I used to competition the district and district even the general is common in the first time in my area.And until now I really miss its sports. Because my time now it's taken with the class schedule and activities at my faculty. But if there is a chance to play volly, I'd never want to miss it. For now the hobby I can make money of the competition I follow. And the most memorable for me is to be able to buy birthday cake for my mother with the results of the sweat of my own through my ability in playing volly. Maybe it's just this to go friends the story of me.Well, actually, more story I'd just like to tell you, but maybe the story can be in continued at other times, so thank you.
Wasalamualaikum wr wb

Sabtu, 04 Maret 2017

The story of my life in achieving of Desire

Hello,assalamualaikum. I riana sagita putri, you can call me riri. I come from districts Kayong utara, on the island maya, from where there is the hometown of my father, and my mother is a real pontianak. I was the first of two brothers, and I have a younger sister is seven years old, called rere. Okay guys, now I am a student majoring in chemistry at the university tanjungpura. Oh.. by the way, here I'll tell you a little bit about why I can continue their education to the university and especially in the chemistry department. First, I have a goal is to be a scientist at the laboratory or be an expert in forensic. I think that my goal with regard to chemical, and that's why I think to continue my education to the university in the field of chemicals. In addition, there are other reasons that also strengthens me to continue their education, the reason it is both my parents were always supportive of me, and this sentence that is the most memorable for me from my parents is education is important, let us poor for as long as we're not poor science. So I don't want to disappoint my parents, and I want to rearrange the front of me with science that are beneficial to others. And to my choice in the chemistry department because of this is the foundation of all kinds of science of, so it may be easy for me to apply this in public life. Okay, guys,, I'm sorry if this story seemed to vent, but this is the reason I'm continuing education courses in the chemistry department, thank you for the time that you'd give time to read my story, hehe. Assalamualaikum