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1). What is speech?
2). What are the aspeak in speech and we mush do before dlivering the speech?
3). Mention the topic of the speech?
1). Speech it the vocalized form of communication used by humans, which is based upon the syintatic combination of item drawn form the lexicon. Speech is communication through talking or a talk given to an audience
2).  Over matter
      Make short,squid, and clear speeches
      Proper intonation and facial expressien
      Using a reasonalde gesture
      Avoid tenfion
      Use good language
      Hands glued to the text
3. a) Tegar Muhammad Taufik : Chemisty for life
    b) Evi Mellianti : Go green
    c) Riana Sagita Putri : Juvenile delingquency
    d) Kurnia Dewi : Education in indonesia

Speech in inglish for final exam

Assalamualaikum wr.wb
Good night everybody
Firstly, Let us say thanks to Allah SWT, which has given grace, guidance and His blessing to us, so that we can gather in this room, without hindrance of any. Our Sholawat and greeting  always deliver  on our Uswah, the Great Prophet Muhammad, which has brought us from the dark ages to the age-lit.
We know and realize when it is so much happening so-called juvenile delinquency. Various negative or deviant acts committed by teenagers seem to be considered by them as ordinary and some even regard it as an honor. They say it shows a symbol of courage. This is certainly very worrying.
This is a social problem infecting our youth today that deviant behavior is often referred to juvenile delinquency.
The cause of the problem of juvenile delinquency can vary. Could be due to one of the parents in the upbringing or parents who are too busy with his work. Could also be because it is not exactly in choosing friends / social environment that can cause terjerumusnya the wrong crowd. There is a feeling in the lives of teenagers that have many friends is a form of the plume.
Perhaps once we have a lot of friends as long as we have to be good at picking friends against which behavior is wrong and what behavior is good and true friend.
There are so many kinds of juvenile misbehavior-tiger like cigarettes and drugs began to recognize that initially just trial and error but it would make sense to try us become addicted so hard to quit smoking or drug addiction, which caused us sakau and to wean the must be by way of rehabilitation (for drug addicts). And many more adolescent deviant behaviors such as incoming motorcycle gang, like brawls, drunkenness etc..
Let’s stay away from deviant behaviors because it is self-inflicted, should we use during our teenage years with things in a positive and beneficial to themselves, their parents and also the nation.
My friends I’m proud of,
Even though our parents did not teach in full so that you become a good person but wish they certainly want their children to be good people. No one wants their children the parents behave badly.
Therefore you do not need to blame the parents or any other person but yourself alone must be able to keep yourself and get to choose which ones are good and which are bad.
Choose the environment and your friends hanging out selectively. Do not just happy. If the environment that will plunge you better not approach it at all. Many places of positive slang that you can choose either at school or outside the school environment.

That’s all I can say in this speech.Wassalamu’alaikum wr.wb.


Robot in the home

The Last Meeting on Monday, 27 February 2017

Robot in the Home
1.  Critical cartoon
A.    Warm up
1.      I used at least 6, they are:
a.       Smartphone
b.      Tv
c.       Ricecooker
d.      Laptop / computer
e.       Ice box
f.       A fan
2.      Robots should never washing, cook rice and help me finising my homework. It would be great if robots could make a my report and journal or my homework.
3.      Yes, neat my bedroom. Because robots to neat a bedroom is very expensive and safety of money.

2.      Core vocabulary 

·         Adopt                   : to accept or start to use something new
·         Effort                   : physical or mental activity needed to achieve something
·         Aid                       : support, help
·         Force                    : physical, especially violent , strength or power
·         Career                  : the job or series of jobs that you do during your working life,                                                                  especially if you continue to get better jobs and earn more money
·         Oppose                 : to disagree with something or someone
·         Code                  : language, a system of words, letters or signs wich is used to reperesent                                                a message in screet from
·         Potential               : somenone’s or something’s ability to develop, achieve or succeed
·         Doubt                   : uncertain, not sure
·         Serve                    : to work for

Jumat, 19 Mei 2017

Dear Diary

Dear Diary
Huh, today I'm starting to feel bored with all routine that I've been in during this week. All this started on may 10, 2017, the day's activities, and is the lab work. Where I'm just at around with a routine of writing a journal and the report. And it was really tiring. Tired of me is caused by lack of sleep, tired because of a lot of thoughts and tired hand to write a journal and the Sheets. All this I'm fighting for that I'm not being scolded by my assistant and not to be expelled from the lab work.Dear my assistant, how fierce you are, my guide how decisive you are. Hear the complaints, if you know that I am very tired of " All this routine. Mine is already starting to reach saturation point where I refuse to stay, finish all this and give up. I want to find someone who could be a morale when I grow tired of this routine.11 May 2017, on this day I got the agenda of the volleyball, competition is held by the Institute of Islamic Studies, Pontianak to the university in pontianak, on the day I am very excited to play and beat, I was so excited, in the first set I fell down and my legs injured. Finally I can only encourage my team from outside the field, and go home with the legs are swollen and very painful. The days I feel melancholy because I can't do much and can only lay limp feel the pain that is good. Fortunately I have a brother who always there is always take care of me from this little thing until it is the most important thing for me, and he took care of me until I can walk again.And for the next day from 12 to 17 May 2017, there's nothing special to me, I'm just still feel sick because of my legs are still swollen, used the day of my day with a routine as usual which is a college home writing a journal and the report. Oh, dear, that's so on until now. I hope I can survive and always feel at home with all this routine, the spirit of the joy and happy parents.

Sabtu, 13 Mei 2017

My Future Business

Doctor, I once dreamed to become a doctor. I remember when I was sitting in school I realized I was asked by my teacher, "Riri, if you grow up you want to become what?", I confidently replied, "Riri became a doctor".Because for the people of the village, the medical staff is indispensable because it is not only a place far from urban areas, distant distances and transfortation that is very difficult to find.Because for treatment people have to cross the sea off with a long time in addition to the existence of transfortasi that departure schedule does not determine, the more make the community more difficult.I had time to imagine having a private boat transfortation to make it easier for me to go home to meet my parents. A large ship complete with complete amenities such as bedroom, restaurant and a place to relax.Such as a cruise ship abroad. I had time to think to have a business transfortasi the ship. Because there is very little transfortation in my village. I want to have two big ships, one ship to carry goods and one more ship to carry passengers.But to make it happen is very difficult, in addition to the cost that is required very much, and I also do not know going to get the money from where, well so I can only imagine and plan it. Dreaming it does not hurt, because nothing is impossible. We can only plan but the gods decide. While the dream is not paying, so it's a lot to dream who knows can be true. have a nice dream

Minggu, 30 April 2017

How to Make a Logo IM3 from Corel Draw

With a variety of day-to-day activities that take our time in front of the computer, which sometimes just to look for entertainment watching movies or playing games. It's good to add self-creativity and insight by utilizing the applications that have been available on the computer. One of them by using a corel draw application to create various designs such as logos.

For Computer Users
 You just open the Corel Draw application on your computer. And you are ready to make any design according to your creativity. And for the creation of IM3 logo stages are as follows:

Step 1

Make four boxes arranged approximately like this.  

The leftmost box will we make the letter I, the three right boxes later we will make the letter M. Ok then set the position so that the four boxes were flat on the bottom, then the distance of each is also the same, premises how to select all images with pick tool, Then click the Align menu, select align and distribute.

Step 2

Then make a horizontal box, set the size and position like this. 

Next, three boxes to the right and one flat box, you select the four with the pick tool, then click "weld" in the toolbar.

Step 3

Well, look at the result, more or less like this

Step 4

Now have the letters I and M, Copy the letter M and slide to the right, then rotated 90° to make the number 3

Step 5
After that give white color to all the images that have been made. Then make a picture of the box that frame the IM3 image before, so if it's like this

Step 6

Give black color to the big tote we just made. To cover that all IM3 logo

Step 7

Click on the black box, then press the Shift + Pagedown key from your keyboard. So the result of the black box is behind.Set the number 3 again, using the Shape tool. So that the middle part of the number 3 is shorter than the other.

 Step 8

Now you group everything, select them all using pick tool, then press Ctrl + G key from keyboard. Then all the images have been digroup into one. If it is, click once again the image, so that the arrows appear around the image, make a little italic (italic).

Step 9

Okay now we make a circle, then give the yellow color and set the hairline to be like the picture below, the goal is to thicken the circle line

Step 10

Make two more circles with a slightly larger size, so the result is something like this:

Well, easy and dancing right? Hope can add insight and creativity of friends by trying other designs. Good luck.